Goodbye AVFMW!

We would love to thank all of those who contributed to the A View From Moving Windows blog. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into writing such beautiful stories and memories.

Thanks to all of those who contributed to the blog:

Jessica Bellamy, Pollyanna Kasia Nowicki, Wayne Tunks, Patrick Lenton, Nick Parsons, Noelle Janaczewska, Erica J Brennan, Emrys Quin, Marnya Roth, John AD Fraser, Marcelle Schmitz, Sarah Carradine, Gavin Roach, Luke Carson, Jessica Chapnik Kahn and Nadav Kahn, Katie Pollock, Jodi McAlister, Melita Rowston, Miles Merrill, Teik Kim Pok, Sam Atom Stewart, Pip Smith, Melissa Werry, Alison Rooke, Ildiko Susany, Bronte Kelso-Marsh, Shauntelle Benjamin, Helen O’Leary, Eileen McIlwain and Lib Campbell.

And lastly, we’d like to thank Augusta for the opportunity to do help out with the ‘A View From Moving Windows’ and to the whole Crew, Cast and Writers for being so incredibly welcoming and wonderful. Below is a second longer tribute to the A View From Moving Windows process.

The video was created by Felicity Pickering and the song used is ‘Precious’ by the amazing Appleonia (Jessica Chapnik Kahn).


A View From Moving Windows Video

Music by Jeremy Silver. Video created by Felicity Pickering.

Pictures from Closing Night!

All pictures are by Felicity Pickering (except for the ones she’s in).

Jess Chapnik Kahn and Nadav Kahn

Let us introduce you to Jess Chapnik Kahn and Nadav Kahn…

Prior to composing the musical pieces for A View from Moving Windows, Jessica Chapnik Kahn & Nadav Kahn collaborated for the first time earlier this year writing and producing the score for the documentary “Despite the Gods” (directed by Penny Vozniak), a bio-pic about the director Jennifer Lynch (daughter of cult director David Lynch). The film premiered at the 2012 Sydney Film Festival.

Jess and Nadav are recording music for Jess Bellamy’s ‘A Heart In A Box’ and Noelle Janaczewska’s ‘Frog In A Frypan’. Which you can see them doing RIGHT HERE:

It’s all systems go with A View From Moving Windows! Jessica performs under the name Appleonia. This month, Appleonia released the album “Despite the Gods”, a record inspired by the experience of scoring film. Check out her song ‘Precious’!

I, for one, can’t wait to hear the musical numbers!