Emrys Quin

Emry Quin writes about the memories that came back through the
A View From Moving Windows process. 

Photo cred: Felicity Pickering

I never caught the train as a kid, and up until I left school all my train-indulging schoolmates complained about CityRail so much I think there was this sense of underground-transport contempt hammered into me from a young age.

My first long term girlfriend lived in Richmond though, so I became familiar with the Parramatta line; A View from Moving Windows came as a bit of a nostalgic throb because I just started enjoying the train trips a week before we broke up. Also, being given justification to pretend to be Sherlock Holmes (childhood hero) on a train by asking strangers what I thought at the time were incredibly probing questions about minor details, like ‘why converse shoes?’ and concocting life stories based on their answers – that was fun.