Harnessing the creative talents of some of Sydney’s most dynamic and prestigious playwrights, A View From Moving Windows is inspired by train travel to and from the thriving and vibrant geographical centre of Sydney, Parramatta. Specifically written for True West, and directed by Augusta Supple, one of Sydney’s most passionate promoters of new writing, this is a theatre event that will mine the sublime in the every day to present Sydney’s west as you’ve never seen it before.

7:30pm, Thursday 18 October 2012
7:30pm, Friday 19 October 2012
7:30pm, Saturday 20 October 2012
7:30pm, Wednesday 24 October 2012
7:30pm, Thursday 25 October 2012
7:30pm, Friday 26 October 2012
2:15pm, Saturday 27 October 2012
7:30pm, Saturday 27 October 2012

A Note From the Director.
Augusta Supple

Photography by Marnya Rothe

Travel is a wonderful thing. When you have departed and not yet arrived there is a freedom and an opportunity that comes with being momentarily placeless, momentarily “in between.” It is in this that we are at the mercy of our memory and our imaginations… captive, often silent reflecting and inventing, replaying and digesting our day our history, our lives.

Many appreciate the excitement of experiencing this in between-ness in exotic or unfamiliar places, but for the commuters of Sydney, it is a part of the everyday.  Despite the silence of many train carriages, each train carriage contains hundreds of strangers who possess thousands of stories, thoughts, realisations. More and more commuter trains of Sydney are full of distractions: phones and laptops and MP3 players filling in the silence – this is no longer a dormant space – but a space of visible activity.

As with the theatre, traveling on public transport is an act of voyeurism. We watch and listen (often in silence) to our own thoughts, spontaneous conversations, interactions around us. It is this parallel which has inspired this project.

In August, nine playwrights travelled on the train between Central Station to Parramatta with the brief of writing scenes or vignettes inspired by the commuter experience. This is not verbatim theatre nor is it intended to be a literal/definitive portrait of commuter life in Sydney, but instead an abstract sculpture inspired by a specific context at a specific time created by a specific group of artists. Here the fragments included are like that of an installation presenting a multitude of personal reflections and perspectives, which serve as memory triggers and invite audiences to share their own commuter experiences.

I am very grateful to Riverside’s True West season which has provided the support and opportunity to inspire new local writing, explore theatrical form and experiment with alternative styles of storytelling. Providing an adventure into an over-arching collective consciousness and experience – the ugly, the uncomfortable, the whimsical, the romantic and sometimes personally confronting -A View From Moving Windows is a love letter to the imagination written by some of Sydney’s most prolific and exciting writers. We hope you enjoy.